Guided Tours

Guided tours of the  Millennium Lilac Trail are available from Festival Volunteers before and after the Festival, which is always the last weekend in May.  Contact us at to arrange a group tour.
The Festival has many special events on the Millennium Lilac Trail during Opening Weekend.  For information, check out our special page, Explore the Lilacs in Bloom.
The tour format is flexible in order to meet particular needs.  We can accommodate bus tour companies, retirement residences and groups.  The tour is usually an hour long.  It may or may not include the entire 2.6 km distance.
Along the route, various lilacs are highlighted due to unique features or historic significance.  Information about the particular varieties including suitable planting location, colour of bloom, length of blooming season and pruning etc. are explained.  We also include some local history of Warkworth and the development of the trail. Most of our visitors on these tours have their own stories to share about the part that lilacs played in their own lives.  With over 300 plantings, there is lots to talk about!
The Trail is always open for visitors to explore.  Should you choose to book a guided tour the cost this season is $5 per person.  Whether you chose to visit the Millennium Lilac Trail on your own or book a tour, visitors will enjoy a trail walk infused with fresh lilac scented air, many opportunities for photos and several benches for calming rests beside the Mill Creek.


For more information, or to arrange a tour, contact